The Tank Truck Industry’s Voice for almost 70 years.

National Tank Truck Carriers has represented the interests of the tank truck industry since its founding in 1945 in Washington DC.  Then, as now, safety was a key element of the organization’s Mission Statement.

Tank truck carriers played an important role in supplying petroleum products and other materials for the wartime economy. Several founders of NTTC were active in the Petroleum Carrier Division of the Office of Defense Transportation which helped coordinate tank truck distribution of key materials.  They included NTTC’s first Managing Director. C. Austin Sutherland. Ironically, tank truck transportation grew as rail tank cars were needed to move petroleum products to both coasts to support the military efforts on all fronts.

NTTC held its first Annual Meeting in Cincinnati in 1946 and its first Annual Conference at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC in 1948. Key issues of those early days included the transition to a peacetime economy, battling efforts of the railroads to stymie any growth of the fledgling united tank truck industry, and combating restrictive regulations by local communities such as banning tank truck transportation on Sundays.

NTTC tank truck carriers have worked closely with equipment manufacturers, shippers and government organizations to develop bigger, stronger and safer equipment and quality operations policies and practices  The organization has travelled the road from “pickup and delivery” to supply chain management.

While the issues have changed over the years and the industry itself went through great structural change after deregulation, NTTC has consistently been the voice of the tank truck industry before Congress and the growing Federal Government. The mission continues to be for responsible tank truck carriers to work together to provide safe, secure and efficient transportation in support of the North American economy and way of life.