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What kinds of tank truck carriers join NTTC?

Posted on April 10 2012 by NTTC

Today, over 200 tank truck companies  call themselves proud members of the NTTC. That equates to more than 80% of the volume hauled in this narrowly defined industry. The majority of NTTC...

Do intrastate tank truck carriers have to get a DOT number from FMCSA?

Posted on April 4 2012 by NTTC

They are not required to obtain a DOT number by federal regulation, but they may be required to do so under state law if the state has adopted the federal regulations as its own.  You can find...

If I want to hire a new driver, do any of the CSA violations he had at a previous carrier become part of my record?

Posted on April 4 2012 by NTTC

No. Those violations will remain with the carrier for whom the driver was working when the violations occurred. 

Is the shipper required to provide placards for a transportation of a hazardous material?

Posted on April 4 2012 by NTTC

Yes. 49CFR172.506 states that the person offering a hazardous material for transportation by highway shall provide the placards. However, it is a violation for the motor carrier to transport the ...

I see the terms PHMSA and FMCSA and know they are both part of the Department of Transportation. What is the difference?

Posted on April 4 2012 by NTTC

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) develops the hazardous materials regulations for the various transportation modes. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administratio...

If a Part 180 inspection becomes due while a trailer is on the road making a delivery, can the trailer legally deliver the load?

Posted on April 4 2012 by NTTC

Yes.  Part 180.407(1) states that a cargo tank that is due an inspection cannot be loaded after the date the inspection comes due.  You can complete that load and then must have the inspe...

Are there any DOT regulations that cover food transportation in tank trailers?

Posted on April 4 2012 by NTTC

No. The Food and Drug Administration is developing regulations to govern food transportation in tank trucks, but there are no current regulations there or at the Department of Transportation.

What is meant by term “specification tank”? Are all tank trucks specification tanks?

Posted on April 4 2012 by NTTC

The Department of Transportation designates design and construction requirements for cargo tanks used to haul hazardous materials in 49CFR Sec 178.345.  These are minimum requirements.  T...

Does a driver need a tank truck endorsement if he only drivers dry bulk trailers?

Posted on April 4 2012 by NTTC

No. The regulations for the tank truck endorsement apply to liquid loads only.

When to I have to update my CT number?

Posted on April 4 2012 by NTTC

If no changes take place, you would have to update the CT registration every six years. However, if changes in the name of the person who signed the form take place, the form must be updated. Also,...